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I will be moving the content of this blog to where I will continue to blog.

Please follow me there.

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WPF Did you Know Series: You can run XAML from Internet Explorer

Dear reader,

It’s being a while, I know.  Got married, changed jobs, moved cities, and a newly minted daddy to a beautiful daughter.

Saying that, I started reading “WPF Unleashed by Adam Nathan” and I thought I would blog and share some of the things I learnt reading the book.

So it goes, did you know you can run XAML code from Internet Explorer? I certainly didn’t know this and I have being programming WPF circa 2009. You can by:

  1. Save your code in a .xaml file
  2. Open the .xaml file from Internet Explorer.

That’s me for the day. Enjoy programming in WPF.

PS: Apparently this will work in FireFox too with an add-on. Please share your thoughts on your experience with this.

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Apps I Use

Sometimes I get asked what apps I use on my phone and iPad.

On my Google Nexus S, I mostly use:

  • Chrome Beta: it looks quite sleek. Google has done a good job in laying the tabs browsing very well. You could even see the preview of the tabs when you click on the tabs button that shows you how many tabs you currently have open.
  • Evernote: What can I say about this great app? The UI has greatly evolved overtime. The app now commands a clean-looking interface that is so easy to use. I have now ditched my hardcover notebook at work. I could create and update ideas, To Do/To Go lists, share notes, record presentations, shopping lists, links, etc. The app is simply brilliant!
  • Pulse: This app has become my de facto app for reading news. The guys at Pulse have taken reading news on your portable device to another level. You can add new sources, scroll the different news items, follow the category you’re interested in and swipe back and forth in full screen mode. Just awesome!
  • WhatsApp: This is my “to go” app for keeping touch. I reach out to friends and folks that are not in Canada easily without having to think about international text cost. I mostly use the image sharing functionality but you can share other things like videos, sound, maps and contacts with your contacts on the app.
  • CoPilot Live: This is a very handy utility for getting directions. Although, Android phones by default come with the free Google Maps and Navigation, there are times you don’t have data signal to navigate to your destination. CoPilot to the rescue!
  • Dropbox: Simple – great for keeping your files on the cloud.
  • TED: Very good for getting inspired by great people.

For my iPad, I will add the list soon. Stay tuned.

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Do you get confused identifying which w3wp.exe to attach to in Visual Studio?

Two options for you:

Option 1 (from command prompt)

– In IIS 6: run %windir%\system32\cscript iisapp.vbs

– In IIS 7: %windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe list wp

This should give you process id with the corresponding application pool you’re interested in.

Option 2

  1. Open Windows Task Manager
  2. Add PID and Command Line to the Processes tab
  3. Find the w3wp.exe processes
  4. Look for your application pool under the Command Line tab.  Make a note of the PID
  5. The PID is the ID of the process you need to attach to in Visual Studio

I prefer option 1 as it explicitly displays your list of application pools and process IDs.

Hope this helps to solve the frustration we sometimes go through when you have so many application pools running in IIS.


Custom Type in C# Settings

Today I was working on having custom type for settings in C# and I couldn’t see my type when I browsed for it in the Settings.settings visual designer in Visual Studio 2008.

I was able to get round the problem following the steps below:

1. Open your Settings.settings visual designer in Visual Studio.

2. Click on the dropdown for Type.

3. Click Browse… in the dropdown.

4. In Selected type: paste your full namespace. E.g. MyCompanyName.Project.SubProject.CustomType

5. Click OK and now you should have your custom type in your application settings.

If this help saves just one person some time, I’ll be happy!

Have a good day.

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My take on Android 2.1

September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Two weeks back, I went into my local phone store here in Vancouver to get myself a Huawei U8100 with Android 2.1. I previously owned Windows Mobile 6.5 for about two years. After this, a Samsung which unfortunately was stolen at my local swimming pool. This is my take on the Android mobile platform:


  • Big User Interfae improvement compared to when Android first came out but still looks semi-basic compared to iPhone.
  • It has a pattern unlocking feature which means you shouldn’t need to remember a PIN, which I think is great.
  • If you have a Gmail account, it syncs very well. I was able to get a bunch of my contacts back. You will appreciate this feature, if your phone was stolen, got lost or changing to a new phone.
  • Also related to Gmail, I could get my Calendar synced with the phone with no hassle.
  • Kindle for Android: This is a great app that works very well with Android.
  • Handcent SMS is another great app that makes you want to send SMS every minute! You can even set thumbnail pictures of the people you having a conversation with. I think this is way too cool!
  • Google Maps: found it very useful when I’m up-and-about for directions, maps and transport links.
  • The apps market has a great feature of searching for the kind of app you want. No need browsing through the thousands of apps available.
  • You can use your choice of browsers. Currently, I’m trying out Dolphin Browser. This browser is looking really good.
  • Contact list allows you to connect with your faceBook account and you could decide to only display contacts with phone numbers. This I think is a very useful feature if your contact list is huge and you don’t want your faceBook friends all over your phone.
  • Touch screen keyboard has big keys that could fit my fat finger!
  • In terms of games, I sometimes play Air Control. This could get addictive sometimes.
  • It supports PDF documents.


  • Apps are littered all over the phone, which could sometimes make looking for an app a slight pain in the bum. It could have been more categorized.
  • The touch screen is not as smooth as it could be. Sometimes it could be jumpy!
  • The Music app that came with the phone can be a bit clunky.
  • The default SMS application just looks too plain.

These are just my own personal opinion about the Android 2.1 platform.

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Are you unable to load due to AppBase location issue in NUnit?


I have been getting this error lately: System.ApplicationException: Unable to load ‘NUnitAssemblyName’ because it is not located under the AppBase—->
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ‘NUnitAssemblyName” or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find
the file specified.


  • Windows 7 32-bit
  • NUnit version
  • Visual C# Express 2010
  • .Net Framework 4

Screenshot from NUnit:


So I made up my mind to get to the bottom of it. Apparently, to solve the puzzle was staring me right in the face and it is quite simple as:

  1. In NUnit, click Project -> Configurations and set the applicable build type for your NUnit project.
  2. Click Project -> Edit… and click ApplicationBase browse button and point the location to your NUnitProject_directory\bin\<Build_Type>, where Build_Type could be Debug, Release, etc.
  3. In the future, as soon as you create your NUnit project, be sure to take steps 1 and 2 before adding your NUnit assembly.

That’s it. Hopefully this hint will save someone trouble for the day!

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