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Getting started with Microsoft HealthVault

  1. Download and install the Microsoft HealthVault SDK from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=95e14343-fb98-4549-bd29-225a59423cc9&displaylang=en.
  2. Install the SDK and make sure you launch the Application Manager as shown below after the installation:

  3. Create an “Hello World” sample application by clicking on “Create New HelloWorld Sample”:

4. After you have created the “Hello World” application, it will open the project using Visual Studio. If you open up your solution explorer, you will see a window similar to the one below:

As you could see, you have the libraries already added for you so you can start getting productive with Microsoft HealthVault. You also have a default and master aspx pages. The “Redirect.aspx” will redirect you to your HealthVault account that you can use to logon. You can use OpenID or Windows Live ID. The page is as shown below:

5. After you’ve successfully logged in, HealthVault’s website will request for your permission for the application (e.g. HelloWorld-SDK) to use the information for the selected user.

6. The final stage of the permission process is to allow HealthVault access to read, update, create and delete information as shown below:

7. Once you click accept, HealthVault redirects you to your application (in this case HelloWorld-SDK).

8. You now have a functional web application that is integrated with Microsoft HealthVault.

Finally, happy coding with Microsoft HealthVault!

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