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WPF Did you Know Series: You can run XAML from Internet Explorer

Dear reader,

It’s being a while, I know.  Got married, changed jobs, moved cities, and a newly minted daddy to a beautiful daughter.

Saying that, I started reading “WPF Unleashed by Adam Nathan” and I thought I would blog and share some of the things I learnt reading the book.

So it goes, did you know you can run XAML code from Internet Explorer? I certainly didn’t know this and I have being programming WPF circa 2009. You can by:

  1. Save your code in a .xaml file
  2. Open the .xaml file from Internet Explorer.

That’s me for the day. Enjoy programming in WPF.

PS: Apparently this will work in FireFox too with an add-on. Please share your thoughts on your experience with this.

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